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Urgent Appointments and Other Options

If you require to see a counsellor on an urgent basis, I encourage you ask a trusted friend, family member or health professional for a recommendation. 


To find a BIPOC therapist, check out the Healing in Colour Directory


For urgent mental health and addictions concerns, Vancouver residents can contact the Access and Assessment Centre at Vancouver Hospital, 7:30am-11pm. 1-800-SUICIDE, is available to take your call 24/7, for all residents of BC. See page 10 of my Reduced Cost Counselling Resource List for Metro Vancouver for a list of crisis services and hotlines.

Scope of practice

  • Anticipatory Grief

       - Terminal illness diagnosis

       - Loss of health and physical independence

  • Loss of a Family Member

        - Secondary loss

  • Death of a Friend

  • Pet Loss

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