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A good place to start

is by asking essential questions

Whether you are healthy and living a great life, just received a terminal diagnosis, or are in the late stages of life, you may want to consider the following questions. 


  • Are you afraid of dying or of being dead?  What exactly are you afraid of?


  • Where would you like to spend your last minutes? At home, hospice or hospital, maybe at your cottage by the sea or lake?


  • Do you consider yourself a 'non-interventionist'? Have you given thought to when or under what circumstances you would choose to accept medical intervention?


  • Do you have an Advance Care Plan?  Advance care planning refers to the options for legal AND medical orders you want to have in place for the 'what ifs' when you need them.


  • Have you thought about what legal and medical documents you may need or want to have in order?  Have you shared them with your loved ones so that they know where to find them if/when they are needed?


  • Have you considered who you want around - your loving pet, friend, who in your family -  music and what kind of music, fragrance or flowers you want or don't want around?


  • Have you had conversations with friends and family about your wishes? Having your affairs in order is one of the greatest gifts you can leave as your legacy on your way out.


  • Finally, do you have something special, or of great sentimental value, which you don’t know who to pass on to?


I can help you navigate these difficult questions and uncover the space where you are more curious than afraid. 

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"Death has nothing to do with going away. The sun sets, and the moon sets,

but they are not gone" 

Rumi, Poet

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