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Sunset at the Beach

Why I am an End of Life Educator.

I found my calling while accompanying my beautiful 95-year-old mother through the last days and moments of her life.  By that time, I had already assisted others in preparations for their deaths and had also studied Western and Buddhist traditions on Death and Dying. When I closed my mother’s eyes, I knew I would dedicate time to supporting others for the most crucial moment of their lives, when they would be most vulnerable, preparing to cross the threshold to eternity.  When my mother died, I learnt how important it is to find peace and acceptance by preparing ahead, and so she did, and her last breath was soft and gentle.


As an end-of-life advisor, I offer holistic, compassionate support by cultivating peace and serenity to prepare for the most mysterious and tender transition. 

I do not replace hospice care. I will come to your home to offer non-medical holistic counselling, support and comfort when you or a loved one wishes to speak about end-of-life or when you receive a terminal diagnosis. I assist in individualized care planning and nurture compassionate conversations about your life and all that remains. Together, we reflect on your wishes and values to prepare for the end of life.

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