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~ Because Love Never Dies ~


Regardless of our age, we should all engage in conversations about death and dying before we find ourselves face-to-face with our mortality.



Regardless of where you are in your journey, I offer end-of-life education and counselling services because I believe the best gift we can give our loved ones is to have our affairs in order -    "to share a conversation with them about what we want and ask for them to gift us with honouring our choices when we can no longer speak for ourselves." And I am there to support you every step of the way.


Here is what I offer as an end-of-life advisor:   

  • Guiding you through the preparation of your Advance Care Plan (ACP). This is the time for you to reflect on your values and wishes and let your family and loved ones know what kind of health and personal care you would want in the future when you cannot speak for yourself.

  • Facilitating conversations about your end-of-life wishes with those who care about you prepares you when healthcare professionals speak to you or your family about your specific needs. By preparing an end-of-life care plan, you ensure that your wishes are considered in the treatment they will (or not) provide you.

  • Providing space to reflect and speak openly about death and dying to ease anxiety and fear.

  • Providing non-invasive holistic complementary therapies - Therapeutic Touch, Mindfulness and Reiki - to naturally help ease pain and reduce anxiety, to encourage sleep and relaxation and reduce treatment side effects.

  • Offering counselling for patients and caregivers while living through active treatments with a terminal disease. I will gently guide sensitive conversations that may otherwise never happen.


  • Planning and creating rituals and celebrations of life for a dying person without loved ones present.

  • Collaborating in the creation of a Legacy Project. Death is a community event. It is about sharing wisdom and leaving a legacy of love and healing for our survivors and the planet.


Additional services:

  • Continued grief and bereavement counselling and support to the survivors.

  • I help the terminally ill and their families find peace with death and dying.

You and I can create a space where fears are allayed and you can prepare peacefully for what is coming ahead. 


“...when you leave this earth,

you can't take with you nothing that you have received 

- only what you have given.”

St. Francis of Assisi

Anticipatory Grief
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